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Mission Statement
  To supply news and information on the town of Tredegar.
  To supply historically correct  information on the town of Tredegar..
  To help in anyway it can to aid the rejuvenation of this great town.
  To support local business, clubs and individual's.
  To be free from any external influence's via individuals, business, council or whatever.

News and Information on Tredegar was first available via computer in early 1991 using the Janet system. This was the system used by universities before the availability of the Internet. The first correspondence was received in February 1991 from  somebody in Texas, USA asking for information on a relative that he lost contact with. Later that year we also had a version of the site available via a bulletin board system (BBS) which meant that people could access the site using a modem. The system run using this configuration for over three years.

With the onset of the Internet, we migrated the service in approximately 1995. With the introduction of broadband to the UK in 2004. we now host the web-site on dedicated hardware in Tredegar. Since 2005 we have also introduced a web-cam to the site, and also a interactive forum to allow user's of the system to raise their own  topics and answers. Also in 2005 we lunched the I-community section allowing groups and individuals their own chance to run a web site under the name. This service is free to all that live in the town. In 2009, we introduced an on-line weather station was installed on the web-site, giving current and historic weather.

A project went live early in 2011 to celebrate 20 years of the Tredegar website serving the town. The "Tredegar TimeLine Project" displays over 1'500 events that have happened to the town since the 18th century. For more information and to see the project working, please visit To see a press article on the Tredegar Timeline project, please click here

The site in its many formats has mainly been financially supported, edited and run by just one person (forum member Pierre). However, in resent years several individuals has helped out by giving up their time to supply editorial content and technical help running the site. 

The website supports local clubs and organisations in the town. 100% of any monies received in the way of sponsorship, etc, is completely given away to these good causes in Tredegar. The webmaster of completed an abseil off the nine arches in 2009, and raised over 400.00, which was given to the Hospice of the Valleys. You can still give money for this cause on the window to the right. Ltd
Early in January 2008, a new "not-for-profit" community company was formed to build on the great success of the website.

The decision was made to form
this  new legal entity to take control of the web-site, activates and objectives because it can now have a more structured feel, and be in a better position to deliver on its objectives.

If you think you could be willing to help with the running of the site in anyway (however small), please e-mail the webmaster.

Remember, Tredegar was once a great town, and indeed it still is But it needs your help to improve, to grow, to gain back lost ground. 
If you can help, please do so.............. 


Total Raised for Clubs 
& Charities to date:
500 +

This site is dedicated to the memory of Dr Rowland Topping. Always on my mind...........

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