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Without doubt, when anybody thinks of Tredegar, they always think of the town clock. The town clock of Tredegar is a one off, the design is unique to this particular clock.

The Clock Today.


Clock History

The idea of the clock was conceived by the wife of the manager (Mr. R.P. Davies) of the "Tredegar Ironworks" back in 1857.  They donated 400 - which was a high amount of money at the time. Mrs. Davies sadly died before the clock was completed.

Quick Clock Facts

Please visit our Tredegar Town Clock section in the Tredegar On-line Gallery for more images and video of the Tredegar Town Clock !

Over resent years, locals have been concerned with the maintenance of the clock, and the lack of updates provided by its maintainers, Tredegar Town Council.
To read more on the subject, please click here.

The Clock Today.

In its long history' the clock has kept time with remarkable accuracy and can be said to be a fine example of iron casting and a monument to the industry of the town and its people. In 1992 the Town Council completed a phased program of conservation of the Town Clock which includes: stainless steel tie rods for stability, interior galvanized steel platforms with connecting ladders, innovations to and a complete overhaul of the clock mechanism by the original clockmakers, the replacement of the cupola roof louvres and clock face decorative grilles and, finally its repainting.

In 1996, Tredegar Town council undertook a further program of conservation which included the replacement of seriously corroded bolts and plates. Corrosion of a circular plate at the top of the clock tower necessitated its replacement and the complete removal of the clock chamber. It was removed by crane on 21st March 1996 and shipped to Derbyshire where it underwent anti-corrosive treatment, replacement and repainting; at the same time J. B. Joyce, the original clockmakers, overhauled the mechanism. The clock chamber was returned on 1st May 1996 and after reassemble J.B. Joyce reglazed and regilded the clock's dial frames. Repainting in the now distinct gold and claret completed the refurbishment and to celebrate its completion a balloon release took place on 14th September and the Town Clock was opened to the genera public for the first time. This event coincided with European Heritage Days and was repeated in 1997 attracting many interested adults and children.

Below you will see some rare photograph's taken by Mr. G.Barnsley from the four faces of the clock.

CASTLE1.jpg (8715 bytes) Looking up Castle Street.
Looking down on the circle. CIRCLE.jpg (10462 bytes)
CORAL.jpg (11158 bytes) The Corel Betting Shop. Also you can see Tredegar Library to the right.
The View Up Market Street. MARKERST.jpg (13877 bytes)
MORGANST.jpg (29906 bytes) The view down Morgan Street. See the workman's hall at the bottom right. It was pulled down to make way for another car park.
A view looking towards the old NCB works. Again something that is no more. WORKS.jpg (10697 bytes)
Copyright of the six pictures above remain with G.Barnsley.

In 2008, the town clock celebrated its 150th birthday!
Click below to see a short piece on the clock by BBC Wales News.



Clock Lights....

This photo was taken in December 2001. The clock has Christmas light every year between the start of December and the start of January.


The clock is the emblem of the town, and as such, appears in many forms. This is a plate from 1959 and was manufactured for Briggs Stores which used to be located in the town.

townclock_plate.jpg (27166 bytes)  townclock_plate_back.jpg (10313 bytes)


town-clock-plate-2.jpg (18117 bytes)


..and below is a good Arial shot of the clock and circle.


and every Christmas the town council decorate the clock.. The below shots were taken December 2007



A painting of the clock done in 2009, by Ursula Chamberlain


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