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Family History

We have received thousand's of e-mail from all over the world over the years from people asking about how they can get some history on their families that originated from  Tredegar. Well Hopefully this section of the website will help you find the information that your after.   If you are looking for information about your family from Tredegar, please place a message on the forum here.

General Register Office.
Via this link, you can get application forms, in 'Microsoft Word' Format, for birth, marriage and death certificate's after 1837.

Gwent Family History Society
For information on Gwent Family History.

1911 Census Information
Census details of the 36 million people living in England and Wales for 1911.
Please see here for more information

Gwent Archives
Gwent Archives is responsible for all types of enquires relating to the area of Gwent including family history.  Please refer to our web site for further details.
Monday - Friday 9.30 - 5.00

Celtic Family Magazine

A great source of information.





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