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Posted by Donal Cullen - 12/06/2020 : 17:29:24 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Brantford
Country:: Canada
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any information about a Womans soccer international played in Tredegar (at the Leisure Center) between Wales and the Republic of Ireland on 24 April 2007. What I am looking for are the teams and possibly any photographs. There was a further game two days later up the road at Goytre and if anyone had any information on that it would be appreciated. Many thanks for the opportunity to post and best of luck.
Posted by Carole Williams - 05/03/2020 : 19:38:45 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Swadlincote
Country:: Derbys
Hi everyone, Iwas born in Tredegar, but moved to Derbyshire in 1985. Recently discovered I have more family in Tredegar than I realised. Anyone here know Helen Cotton of cottons the tobacconist. Just found out we are related, does anyone know if she still lives in Tredegar, I understand she once lived in a bungalow opposite EarlStreet school. Also found out she had a daughter Sian . Any info greatly appreciated.
Posted by Gaynor morgan - 01/04/2019 : 05:23:23 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Mayfield west
Country:: Australia
Great to find info on Tredegar, my husbands father andgrandfather were born there . My mother-in - laws,’ family the ‘waters’ also hailed from Tredegar.
Regards from Australia. Gaynor.
Posted by Sherrill Thomas - 23/09/2018 : 20:50:00 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Tredegar
Saron Cngregational Church was broken into on Saturday 22nd September and two windows were smashed and food stolen from the Foodbank. As a Church member I am very sad that someone could steal from a church especially as they have stolen a lot of our,food from the Foodbank. They made a mess in the main Church and the cost of new Windows on top of the repairs we are trying to carry out to keep the Church open is very costly. This building is not just a place of worship we want to use the building for the community. We already have a friendship centre and knitting and craft group as well as it being used for a Foodbank. If anyone has any information or would like to support our Church please let us know

Posted by John Harries - 04/07/2018 : 16:08:11 Go To Top Of Page
Country:: England
As 5th July is an important date in the Tredegar timeline I wonder can anyone give me some idea of population size in 1946 (or any year postwar up to 1950). I've searched various openly available sources and can't find anything at all.
My family are from the town and as a youth I spent a couple of short stay visits with my grandparents who lived on Union Street and Woodfield Road attending Earl Street School and later Jamestown Secondary Modern (where I first played rugby - the balls were all dark brown leather and full size (not great for 11\12 year olds to play the game with) and were as slippery as hell when it was wet with a shape not far off being more suitable for soccer! In the interim I was abroad with my parents and thus never managed to be around to sit the 11 plus...
Anyone on here recall an Earl Street School trip by coach to Bristol Zoo (probably end of spring term 1953 or 54), I know it was hot because I was taken ill on the day and eventually ended up with all my joints becoming so swollen I could barely stand; never found out what it was but a lady doctor at the clinic in the old Tredegar Workmans Medical Aid Society building prescribed some strange smelling pastel green ointment that seemed to sort it out. Clearly did me no lasting harm as I played rugby until I was 42 and I still referee around 60 games a season.
Would really appreciate the info. on size of population just after WW2


Edit by Pierre
1952 Population of 20,375

1941 Population of the town was 21,140. The number of people living at Georgetown and “the tip” was around 6’000.
Posted by derek dye - 26/02/2018 : 20:56:29 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Castleford
Country:: United Kingdom
came across this forum by accident researching the name Matticks. This link may be of some interest regards Robert Matticks from Tredegar
Posted by sandra elizabeth rogers - 05/05/2017 : 07:56:37 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: adealide
Country:: australia
tracing family members greatgrandmother Sarah Jane Norris dob 1871 married William williams children Catherine 1893 Brinley 1899 Maria 1901 Evelyn 1906 ?kept shop in Whitworth terrace Further information appreciated
Posted by joanne - 19/02/2017 : 21:20:45 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Rogerstone, Newport
Country:: United Kingdom
Hi im after old photos of the tyre garage opposite the town park. Was called cathys and then king david tyres. Thank you in advance anyone who could help.
Posted by alex - 16/02/2017 : 15:22:27  Visit alex's Homepage Go To Top Of Page
Little late but I sign it!
Posted by Will Croft - 06/02/2017 : 10:30:52 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Bristol
Lovely Place, great People. The town clock is inspiring!
Posted by Artonus - 27/01/2017 : 12:20:28  Visit Artonus's Homepage Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Chester
Country:: United Kingdom
Great town and great citizens!
Posted by Christine Powell - 18/01/2017 : 16:03:36 Go To Top Of Page
Hello is there any one who used to live in the children's home in Tredegar. I am doing a project for a college course and would like to find out what it was like for a child living in the Children's home.
Posted by Melvin Alan Jones - 27/12/2016 : 02:33:11  Visit Melvin Alan Jones's Homepage Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Bradenton, Florida
Country:: United States
Hello and Greetings!

From Bradenton, Florida, USA!

Bradenton is just South of Tampa and North of Sarasota.

Mel Jones
Posted by susan Johnstone - 01/08/2016 : 11:36:49 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Cardiff
Country:: United Kingdom
Hi I am looking for anyone from Tredegar who went to Tredegar Grammar school. I am searching for Alma Rabaiotti and anyone who knew her.

I was Susan Maggs from Beaufort Rd
Posted by Marc Arkless - 04/05/2016 : 13:16:23 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Cardiff
I'm looking for photographs of the St Georges Court flats, Church Street and surrounding area for an exhibition that I want to stage with Tai Calon community Housing and Gwent Archive. I would love to see any family albums especially from the 1960's and 70's that depict family life, christmas,birthdays, celibrations and people from this area this area. Please e-mail me if you can help , many thanks.
Posted by Marc Arkless - 20/04/2016 : 11:54:34 Go To Top Of Page

Hello, I'm Marc Arkless, and I'm a photographer and family album enthusiast. I'm
working with the Arts and Minds artists in residence at No 70 St George's Court in association with Gwent Archives,and I am looking for family photographs taken in St George's Court and the surrounding area for possible inclusion in an exhibition and book. If you have any photographs of the flats, the people who lived there or any photographs showing family life, I would love to hear from you. You can find me at No 70 St George's Court for the next few weeks or contact me at
Look forward to hearing from you!
Posted by Daleks - 12/04/2016 : 23:06:38 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Tredegat
Hi John Roberts I do know of the Meyrick twins James and John and I think one of them still lives in Tredegar at Lindsey Gardens. Have a look at the location on Google Earth.
Posted by Murray Jones - 09/03/2016 : 03:17:46 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Dingley Village, Victoria
Country:: Australia
I am researching the family history of Thomas Jones (my great grandfather) born 1850 in Tredegar,

He migrated to Australia in ? & was a miner around Timor near Maryborough in central Victoria. He married Mary Lauder in 1875 at Sebastopol near Ballarat, Victoria.

Father's name was Edward Jones, a tailor & the mother's name Tamar Jones (nee Davies) - information obtained from Thomas Jones' Marriage Certificate.

Unfortunately, I don't have any further details to pass on.

I would like sufficient information, if obtainable, to be able to apply for Thomas Jones' Birth Certificate or his father (Edward)'s Death Certificate.

If you are able to 'fill in the missing gaps' for me I would be most appreciative. Many thanks.

Murray Jones
Dingley Village, Victoria

Posted by Lisa - 21/02/2016 : 17:14:04 Go To Top Of Page
Just correcting names in the Church of the Good Shepherd photo - It's Graham Daniel and Daniels
Posted by Paul Avard - 10/02/2016 : 16:04:16 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Tamworth
Country:: United Kingdom
My mother and her brother spent some years in the 1930s and 1940s living in The Nutshell Children's Home, does anyone have any photos of the house? Mum's name was Joyce Llewellyn and her brother was Maurice Llewellyn. Both were from Abergavenny.

Any photos of Ty Bryn Institute, Bedwellty would be interesting too, as would any photos of Sirhowy School from the 1930s, or Earl Street School in the very early 1940s.

Many thanks Paul
Posted by Andrew hurrell - 26/01/2016 : 16:50:45 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Tredegar
Country:: Uk
Hi all i was just wondering after moving away from Tredegar 11 years ago I'm looking to move back to the area but I'm not sure which is the best area to live in don't get me wrong every area has their fair share of problem neighbours and kids I've seen that there are flats around st. Gorges just by church street available but have been told that its a rough area to live in now but always thought that it was a peaceful area growing up in Tredegar any advice on the areas around Tredegar which ones are best and worst would be very appreciated thanks
Posted by John Roberts - 13/01/2016 : 02:08:19 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Taize-Aizie
Country:: France
A year or so ago I spoke to a chap in Luxembourg who mentioned that he was taught in Tredegar by an ex Bangor University man, John Meyrick. As I was great friends with a John Meyrick at Bangor, who if I recall had a twin brother at Swansea Uni, I have tried ever since to find John,but with no luck. Just seen John's photo in the Tredegar School XV photos on this site and am wondering if anyone can tell me if he is still around. I visit Llandovery often to see the grandsons play for the College, so could call in on John if he is still in Tredegar. I also served in the RAF at Upavon with Leighton Jenkins, who I also recognised in the school XV photo.
Would welcome help to get a message to these two 'reprobates'. I now live in France. John L Roberts
Posted by Christine Johnston - 22/09/2015 : 18:52:00 Go To Top Of Page
I was originally a Holley and was the daughter of Trevor James Holley.Was wondering if anybody has any information regarding Holley family from vale view Tredegar...
Posted by Himalayan Scout - 25/07/2015 : 20:57:18 Go To Top Of Page
Town:: Ttredegar
Only very recently joined the T.F.and already i have seen names from the past who had long left my thoughts.Good to have them back.
Posted by Leslie Nash - 03/06/2015 : 22:13:29 Go To Top Of Page
Anyone know my family Celia , Danny, John Hale from Bowens terrace.
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