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T O P I C    R E V I E W
djholly Posted - 13/04/2020 : 10:12:37
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
SeaWolf86 Posted - 19/11/2020 : 12:01:54
They certainly do. Weird coinsident, that as any type of vaccine became more and more popular and widely used, ,people start to suffer more and more veird sicknessess, like all sorts of alleries, neurological problems, etc. The more vaccines over the decades, the more health issues unheard of in the past. Forgive my scepticism, but a cure to unknown virus developed in few months? For sure...
ddraig Posted - 19/11/2020 : 11:31:04
Seawolf, if the powers that be wanted to inject the population with anything abnormal why wait for the covid vaccine? why not put it into the flu or pneumonia vaccine? or start early with the MMR. At the moment the gov has secured around 45 million of the vaccine, as the current population is 67 million and you need two doses of the vaccine the figures at the moment fall short, you really do talk a lot of what you suggest the weak ones are ready to inject
I would prefer not to think that our town is in the middle of nowhere, makes it sound as if we're in an apocalyptic wasteland and a load of hicks to boot, and may I suggest that if you have criminal friends you should choose more carefully.
Lastly, let me put the record straight, I am not naive (maybe a bit stupid for replying to your fatuous post)
Milkman, I will too, though I think we won't be getting it soon as they will do health care workers and homes first.
milkman Posted - 19/11/2020 : 11:06:59
Many forum members will have priority since they are over 70. How many will take them. I certainly will
SeaWolf86 Posted - 19/11/2020 : 10:05:12
You so naive ddraig, that it's kinda cute :). Look how quick they managed to get you tested even in middle of nowhere, like Tredegar. 5 min drive, 10 min wait. Done and dusted. Stats going up. You realy believe thay can't do the same with vaccines? Easly done my friend. They question is not if they can, but if they dare. All those news you read in mainstream are not desighned to inform you, but to test you. To test your reaction. At the moment there is a big opposition against mandatory vaccines, so on that base I assume they will introduce it for volonteers only. For those weak ones, ready to inject sh*t to their body, cause they need to go back to the old normal. World has changed. An occupant will no longer ride armed across your country. Instead they come undercover. Invisable. Made you believe you do noble things, taking your freedom at the same time. I got a friend. He was a drunk driver. Arrested and convicted. He got a tracker on his ankle. He allows to go only one hour out, and then back home. He is a convit, a criminal, you understand. The government done the same to thousands, milions of people without court ruling. Without convictions. This is madness. If you cant see it, God help you.
djholly Posted - 18/11/2020 : 12:49:53
ddraig Posted - 18/11/2020 : 11:51:42
The problem is that anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists have managed to frighten people with all manner of untruths and suppositions, most of these people are making money out of the sensationalism that they spew out on a daily basis and many seem to be (so-called) pillars of the community, loads of them get banned on the sites they preach from for dangerous misinformation. If you look at the figures there won't be enough vaccine to cover the UK and I would guess that many will have to wait a while to get it, so how to make a vaccine mandatory when you don't have enough to go around? I also think that if the vaccine was made mandatory it would be a logistical nightmare and would be almost impossible to implement. That said, why worry about something that may never happen, you have more chance of catching the virus and all that goes with it. Happy days.
Cae Posted - 17/11/2020 : 22:36:05
I have wondered about the fallout if the English are forced into having the jab and we won't be. Now I've just read some areas of Scotland are being put into a Tier 4 from Friday - England may also introduce a fourth tier. Wonder what will happen here.

Memories are made of these.....
djholly Posted - 17/11/2020 : 20:03:10
but, what if england introduce mandatory vaccination and wales does not?. what about people travelling into england from wales?. will they be allowed access to england without the vaccine?, will they need the covid passport to prove it's upto date?.
Cae Posted - 17/11/2020 : 19:45:07
NO.10 have said they won't rule out mandatory vaccinations for England - here it seems they view things a bit differently - this was copied from a news report on AOL.....

"Wales' Health Minister Vaughan Gething has described mandatory vaccination as "the most extreme and most unlikely outcome possible".

Mr Gething told a press conference that it was "certainly not any part of our working assumption" in Wales.

He said he had always been "deeply sceptical" about the benefits of mandatory vaccination and was not "particularly keen to try to change the law for that to happen".

"I'm interested that people understand the evidence about the safety of a vaccine, then making the right choice to protect them, their family and their community," he said."

Memories are made of these.....
djholly Posted - 17/11/2020 : 17:37:58
Originally posted by ike

Djholley, I respect your views, I am against mandatory vaccination ,but freedom of action carries responsibilty. The lesson of Typhoid Mary is example; she was Irish born America cook, whom was a carrier of Typhoid disease. She was told not to become a cook for others. She disobeyed and infected 50 plus persons 3 of which died; she was put into prison. The moral of this is 'isolation' until a vaccine is found. Prior to world war2 , there were Isolation Hospitals in most towns. Present day we isolate 'en masse', because of covid 19 . Not conducive to our way of freedom I admit, but that's fact until a vaccine is found.
all i ask is people take some time to look into whatever they are offering, should you decide then after reading articles, studies and findings that a vaccine is for you then fine.

SeaWolf86 Posted - 17/11/2020 : 17:03:34
very much doubt about mamdatory vaccine. They will break only the weak ones. Those who can't live without going out to cinema, football games, music events, gym and leasure centres. They will need a "red book" as I call it. My grandparents told me about a soviet red book. It wasn't mandatory, but without it you had no access to many places, difficoulty with finding job, purchasing good, etc. We are now under ocupation. Those who sell thier freedom for "red book" - good luck. The rest of us will have to adjust and move back to old times, where people who opposed the soviets keep together and help eachother. God bless.
ike Posted - 17/11/2020 : 16:57:10
Djholley, I respect your views, I am against mandatory vaccination ,but freedom of action carries responsibilty. The lesson of Typhoid Mary is example; she was Irish born America cook, whom was a carrier of Typhoid disease. She was told not to become a cook for others. She disobeyed and infected 50 plus persons 3 of which died; she was put into prison. The moral of this is 'isolation' until a vaccine is found. Prior to world war2 , there were Isolation Hospitals in most towns. Present day we isolate 'en masse', because of covid 19 . Not conducive to our way of freedom I admit, but that's fact until a vaccine is found.

djholly Posted - 17/11/2020 : 13:36:23
and there we have it, anybody speaking out are now idiots?. as for if and buts?, IF you catch ol'covid you have a 97% chance of recovery (figures taken off current statista november 16 chart), BUT should you decide to get vaccinated you have a 90-95% of being protected given the governments figures. as for people making money for scaring people on youtube, unless you fall within certain guidelines you will not receive monetization for your upload as advertising through small ads will not be offered. also, they are censoring the majority of uploads that cover a certain story negatively. also, they are expecting at best 1 in 1,000 (administered vaccines) adr's (adverse drug reaction) as they recently gave a contract for an AI program that will collect the data.
ddraig Posted - 17/11/2020 : 12:05:46
djholly, you are living in an "ifs and buts" world, get real, I won't speculate on a situation that is extremely unlikely to happen. This is irresponsible scaremongering and for no good reason (maybe to make money on youtube?). Rebel against the real world if you will not a fictional concoction put there by idiots. (and, by the way I never said you were confusing any requirements in other countries)

ike, I remember the queues in 1962 to get a smallpox vaccine, nineteen people died, I wonder how many more there would have been if not for the vaccine. When there is a chance to get the covid vaccine I will get it, although I may be down the queue a way.
djholly Posted - 16/11/2020 : 17:59:05
i assure you i'm not confusing any requirements in other countries, i asked a question that again you have not answered. are you in favour for mandatory vaccinations yes or no?. are you in favour of injecting someone against their will?. now if others feel happy and confident of a vaccine that has been rushed through production then fine, form an orderly queue. as for me being a anti this or that, i'm not against anything that others feel confident to do to themselves. i'm for an individual doing what's best for them.
ike Posted - 16/11/2020 : 17:05:20
My parents having lived through the smallpox ravages in the early part of the 1900's did not hesitate to have the family vaccinated in the thirties ,when diphtheria , whooping cough, measles, etc was rife. I new quite a number of children of my era contracted the diseases.
Some time ago when the MMR jab was brought introduced, a Doctor ? claimed that it caused problems. It was disproved and later found that the doctor was being paid by a rival drug firm to promote the false information. This created doubt with mothers of the day .Resulting in the outbreak of measles recently.
My children were vaccinated as required.

ddraig Posted - 16/11/2020 : 15:05:01
We have never had mandatory vaccines in this country, people sometimes get the UK vaccine requirements mixed up with the USA where at least some vaccines are mandatory on requirement and also have to be paid for.
I can't see that the covid vaccine will be made mandatory in the UK, so at the moment it's a moot point and I'm not going to second guess it. You, however seem to be an anti-vaxxer and would rely on the rest of us getting the vaccine to protect you, way to go!!
djholly Posted - 16/11/2020 : 11:53:03
You cleverly didn't answer my question, are you for mandatory vaccinations?. People die of the flu every year yet it's not mandatory. Are you ok to be told you MUST have this injection?.
ddraig Posted - 16/11/2020 : 11:22:59
Are they discriminated against when they have a flu vaccine?? as I see it if they want to get covid and possibly die then it's up to them, enough people will be sensible and get the vaccine that it will be controlled as is the flu now (you're always telling us the statistics for flu) it's about controlling the numbers so that it doesn't overwhelm the NHS, maybe then people with other conditions can be treated safely.
djholly Posted - 16/11/2020 : 03:20:11
please answer my question, what about those who disagree with THIS vaccine. what will happen to those who who say 'no thank you', are these people still allowed to live their lives with the freedom that those who want the vaccine?. will the discriminated against until submission or do you want 'mandatory vaccinations'?.
ddraig Posted - 15/11/2020 : 18:39:06
I have looked it up and unless you would prefer to let millions of people die with covid the only other way is vaccination, of course, anti vaxxers would sit in their ivory towers and quite happily watch as the minions die.
djholly Posted - 15/11/2020 : 17:33:07
How exactly is herd immunity gained?. Look it up. Enjoy your evening.
ddraig Posted - 15/11/2020 : 16:57:18
Put into camps? Etc? I shouldn't think so, seems a bit hysterical, once there is herd immunity (herd immunity is accomplished through vaccinations) who will care if the people who choose not to get the vaccine get covid, I would care about the people who are unable to have the vaccine through health reasons and get covid because the foiled hat brigade won't get vaccinated.
djholly Posted - 15/11/2020 : 16:17:18
what happens to those who disagree?. put in camps maybe?. forced to get it maybe?. are they allowed out their homes?. as for more for those who want it, how often?. who gains financially?.
ddraig Posted - 15/11/2020 : 16:10:29
I'm of the opinion that if you don't want the vaccine then don't get it, all the more for the people who do want it. I just hate the conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers (these guys want to bring back polio, smallpox etc) out there making thing up as they go along and putting the frighteners on people for whom it would be beneficial

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