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T O P I C    R E V I E W
djholly Posted - 13/04/2020 : 10:12:37
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
djholly Posted - 30/06/2020 : 14:47:27
27 police injured in one weekend due to black lives matter march which was "a mostly peaceful" event according to the government, thousands go to beaches over the weekend and it's "a disgrace and selfish act". looks like covid knows where a counties border is also, pubs can open in england but stay shut in scotland and wales??.
SeaWolf86 Posted - 30/06/2020 : 14:31:03
In England social distancing is reduced to 1 meter. Which I think is way to risky. 1.2 meters sounds more appropriate. Does anybody take this bullsh*t still seriously?
Cae Posted - 30/06/2020 : 13:06:44
thankfully couples in Wales can start seeing each other again from next Monday! And thank goodness it's the full extended household rules so you don't need to be living alone to qualify. What has me shaking my head in bewilderment is that in England you can stay overnight BUT MUST MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING!! What the ???!!! That nonsense doesn't apply in Wales so couples you can cwtch again from Monday!!!!
djholly Posted - 11/06/2020 : 15:44:05
some will but most won't, anyways -
djholly Posted - 08/06/2020 : 19:21:45
Cae Posted - 04/06/2020 : 13:35:19
I know who he is but I'm grateful that his challenge has at the very least let us see the documents from the SAGE group that have been advising / deciding on the "lock-up" - the Govt have back-tracked saying they've been released as they welcome transparency- but the meetings began in March and even earlier last month they point blank refused to let us see the minutes of the meetings. It's only now due to the legal challenge that we've been granted access.
ddraig Posted - 04/06/2020 : 10:40:16
Just saying, Simon Dolan is a multi-millionaire who doesn't live in the UK, has filed a high court challenge against Englands lockdown rules, isn't paying for it himself but through crowdfunding (savvy move) and seems to be more worried about his businesses than anything or anyone else.
Cae Posted - 03/06/2020 : 15:50:58
Honestly I've got no idea - I'm 50-50 on it - at the start of all this we knew nothing and I just went along with it - partly because I have M.E. but also until I and others did their own digging- and I mean info from highly qualified experts- medics, professors etc- not conspiracy folk.
What was concerning was that these genuine experts are often having their interviews pulled off the internet - by people like the army's 77th Brigade- yes I'm afraid they are genuine and official - some of you may know their previous title of the Security Assistance Group. They are tasked with tracing and removing "disinformation" which has often come from medics, doctors etc who have vast experience of working with virus, patient outcomes etc. Instead of welcoming their help anything that doesn't comply with the Govt's stance on Covid or lockdown is just removed- and thankfully there's a lot of people busy putting them back up again!
Some people may have scoffed at DJ Holly's use of the word "Coercion" but I'm very sorry to say it's not his choice of words- it comes from one of the official documents.
keanjo Posted - 03/06/2020 : 14:18:52
Was Boris really Iíll or was it all part of the Ď weríre all in it togetherí campaign ?
Cae Posted - 03/06/2020 : 13:55:50
ah well if anyone thinks it's a conspiracy they'd be accusing the Government and SAGE as it's their own official documents! If anyone hasn't read them it's well worth a read as I said- they are official SAGE documents - they didn't want them released but the current court case application by Simon Dolan has made them available for public scrutiny- the Government initially refused to release them but last week they did a U turn and we can now view them.
djholly Posted - 03/06/2020 : 11:32:49
easy now cae, you don't want to called a conspiracy nut on this site. the minutes above are really interesting. 7 for instance coercion, they state that 64% of adults would approve of putting london in lock-down. they only mention in the reference guide at the end that the 64% was conducted out of less than 4,000 people polled on a channel 5 survey held on march 19TH. that's right those deciding on and creating models/guidelines for our well-being are basing conclusions on a channel 5 poll. that in itself is unbelievable, but out of those 2,560 who would approve, where do they live?. now if i was asked about locking london down (as i live in south wales) i'd say yes as it doesn't affect me.
Cae Posted - 02/06/2020 : 23:42:28
here it is - appendix B point 2 mentions "use media to increase sense of personal threat."
Cae Posted - 02/06/2020 : 13:54:03
ah they did reference it on yesterday's programme and I think it was a guidance document advising SAGE?
Cae Posted - 02/06/2020 : 00:31:09
Do you happen to remember what document the whistleblower handed Brian (that mentioned they would use the media to scare members of the public into complying with Covid lockdown restrictions?) I think it was a SAGE document but couldn't find it in the newly released minutes? Was it a separate item - then again I may have just missed it as I couldn't concentrate on every sentence.
djholly Posted - 01/06/2020 : 23:59:13
without being contradicting, that only proves their phone stayed in one place. thankfully, they don't walk around with their phone permanently in front of their face like kids today. i'm watching the may 29th episode of uk column as i type this. superb channel.
Cae Posted - 01/06/2020 : 23:53:00
ah great - yes I first saw him on Controversial tv too. Had you seen Prof Cahill's interview? Due to my health issue I can't fully take in all the newly released SAGE documents but over the weekend I did a quick skim through them- one point of note is that, in the minutes of the 26th March, point 16 mentions they've accessed the mobile phone data of the over 65s and noted they've been staying mainly in one place. I'm not in that age group but it made me very uncomfortable -a sign of things to come I guess.
djholly Posted - 01/06/2020 : 22:10:34
missed friday's show as was out (shock horror). i've been a admirer of brian gerrish since controversial tv / edge media days on sky. he was in ebbw vale institute back in 2011 doing his uk tour. there's plenty of interesting sites out there with loads of alternative views.
Cae Posted - 01/06/2020 : 20:11:26
do you watch UK Column DJ Holly? If not may I recommend it - previous episodes all available on the menu on website. Last Friday's was a particularly good one.

also an excellent interview with Professor Dolores Cahill a world leading scientist and academic - she's broken the virus down into its genetic make-up and has some very interesting results- first 8 minutes are a bit hard going as she explains what her roles and work involve but after that it's well worth a watch.
djholly Posted - 26/05/2020 : 20:00:37
just been on the governments own website and looked into their recent figures. 41,000 people are listed as cause of death (covid). breaking it down by age group aged 82-84 (3,500) and over 85 (17,000). now any loss of life is tragic and awful at any time and i'm definitely not trying to devalue these ones. So added together that's 21,000 aged 82 and over from 41,000 total deaths. The life expectancy in the uk is 81.
djholly Posted - 25/05/2020 : 16:22:39
so, doubt many (if any) will find this interesting but - china has a population just short of 1.4 billion with 4,000 deaths. new york on the other hand has a population of 8.5 million with 21-23,000 deaths?. that's 5x the number of mainland china. why?. well 90% of deaths are 65 and over. mayor cuomo introduced changes to the law that saw elderly sent back to care homes with not only (covid) but with any respiratory condition (contagious or not). just so that they claim more federal hand-outs. look into politico website on the laws he suspended or made to deal with the CRISIS. whilst still in the u.s. let's look into all the temporary hospitals rushed through congress and given funding to deal with the CRISIS . that's 17 field hospitals with 9 not seeing a patient and 4 in construction?. that alone is unbelievable at a cost of $660 million (although we think our government is corrupt, it's not a patch on the u.s). now our politicians maybe bad but in the u.s. a few can predict the future . The C.A.R.E.S act intoduced to deal with coronavirus outbreak, the bill was introduced in january 2019?. Now care homes in the uk, there was a blanket use of dnar's (do not attempt resuscitation) in effect in them. this policy was "ripped up" after outcry in mid-april. but that was only for compulsory use, they can still be used at the care homes prerogative. so families were not allowed to visit and discuss any signature required with staff, no they were just telling the patient to sign here please. now i appreciate my opinion or view on the subject may be beyond many people's belief but spend 1/2hr looking into other websites (or even the first page of google's search results) rather than state sponsored bbc or sky news. as mentioned in a previous post in wales alone they spent £166m on 19 temporary hospitals around wales with 35 PATIENTS as of 4 days ago. The nhs flagship nightingale hospital they opened in london only saw less than 50 patients after costing millions to open and millions to run every week. but never mind, it's the tax-payers money not theirs. now the summer is well upon us and the government are trying to increase symptoms of (covid) so they can increase case numbers and keep everyone in fear, the government are going to mothball certain nightingale hospitals. and sir simon stevens head of the NHS recently said "coronavirus will be with us for months if not years to come. how does he know???, is he using the same model/experts and predictions that required all those temporary hospitals to open and not see a patient?. But again, sadly it's tax-payers money not theirs. Now many if not all will probably say "but it's all over the world, how would all governments lie?", look into event 201 and who attended. (funny how bill gates seems to be mentioned in viruses, treatments, opinions and ultimately vaccine he's working on). lucky us?, from a man with no medical training. who by the way wants global population reduction, but seemingly wants to vaccine the entire world (you'd think those who gets the vaccine live longer therefore goes against his reduction views?). who also wants to receive indemnities (guarantee of immunity to prosecution) from governments against side effects. but he states that if could effect 1% so that's 700,000 could die or suffer life-affecting conditions. so, the cure could kill more than the virus has killed?. well that makes sense eh?. unless, they plan on another virus scare xmas time or into the new year that'll have people begging for a vaccine. after all, we've all had a taste of what life is like on lockdown and government guidelines so the alternative would seem something positive. Please look at the vaccine damage payment on the website . take care.
djholly Posted - 22/05/2020 : 07:58:08
from the bbc no less - . thats 4.75 million per patient. money well spent eh?
djholly Posted - 21/05/2020 : 19:53:02
please read -
djholly Posted - 18/05/2020 : 15:09:16
it's now getting farcical, the government have now issued "loss of smell and taste" as symptoms of ol'covid. just in time for hayfever season. so they can't fudge the figures so they are branching out. so, if anyone is administered into hospital they'll be asked "any issues with taste or smell?". then if they are to pass away with whatever condition they can add ol'covid onto the death certificate.
djholly Posted - 12/05/2020 : 15:17:40
well worth a watch -
djholly Posted - 03/05/2020 : 15:41:57
a friend just text me "she has been down nevill hall since 6am with her daughter (fell out of bed", she asked staff if they were busy and was told "just a regular day, in fact quiet all week and no cases of covid". now does your friend know more than mine?. (just made this up by the way to illustrate my point). also, i'm very sorry for the passing of your grandmother.

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