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 Belching cows linked to global warming
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Posted - 11/07/2007 :  09:54:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Belching cows linked to global warming

Methane produced by cows could be a major factor in global warming, scientists have claimed.

According to Dr Michael Abberton, programme leader in plant genetics and breeding at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, the diets of cattle can cause them to produce vast quantities of the greenhouse gas methane.

He claims research suggests that cows can produce between 100 and 200 litres of methane a day and has called for changes in the diets cattle are given to change this.

"It is quite a lot and methane is a very powerful greenhouse gas and although in absolute terms there is much less methane going up into the atmosphere than CO2 it does have a much more powerful effect," Dr Abberton told BBC Radio 4.

According to Dr Abberton, methane contributes to around about 20 per cent of the greenhouse effect.

He added that about 20 to 25 per cent of the total manmade emissions of methane are from "this process of the breakdown of organic matter in the rumen and the gut of the cow".

"We are just at the start, we are beginning to understand what it is about the animals' diet that can influence methane emissions, but there is already evidence accumulating as to what factors in the diet are important in reducing emissions," he said.

"We have taken that forward in pulling together realistic diets and actually looking at actual methane emissions from those animals," finished Dr Abberton.

Dr Abberton suggested that it was now time to reassess the normal diets cows are given with a view to providing cattle with easier-to-digest foodstuffs.


Try telling this to Madonna the next time she and the rest of the “rock’n’roll” world decide to save us all from our own fait ( What would be the reactions of such rich and famous people if they were told that they were unable to use planes to jet all over the world on their concerts earning millions and not able to visit their “other” houses in L.A. ?

Recycling is great, but the global concerts last weekend I find personally pathetic. Global change is a naturally occurring event. We have public records available to all showing that 800 years ago on the banks of the river themes that large wine vineyard’s were well established. This could only mean that the climate was considerably warmer then it is today. But how? Where were all the 4X4’s and planes?

Scientists also tell us that 100’000 year’s ago (a blink of the eye as far as the history of the earth goes), the climate was 5 degrees warmer then it is today.

Sure, the behavior of humans should and must be changed if we are going to ensure the survival of other animals on the planet (because of actions taken directly by humans: hunting, removal of natural habitat, etc) , but something’s we simply cannot change.

So why are the governments of the world not telling us this? I think the simple answer is panic. If Gordon Brown was to stand up in parliament and say that we are all doomed and that no mater what we do billions of people might die due to naturally occurring events, then mad panic might set in. Financial markets would collapse overnight. Instead they say that we CAN stop the global warming of the earth if we change our ways. MMmmmm, we might slowdown the effects a tiny bit, but no way could we stop the inevitable happening. We cannot even make it rain when we want!

Also what a great way of introducing and increasing TAX!

Did the governments of the world worry about carbon footprints when it sent its army’s into Iraq producing more pollution with this one act then the rest of the world put together? Nope, not a word mentioned. Only this week on the telly I saw pictures of Gordon Brown getting out of his 4.6 liter Range Rover. Now if he’s not getting rid of his, who is he to tell us to get rid of ours?

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Posted - 11/07/2007 :  19:54:09 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
governments are all the same in the early 80's people were encouraged to buy cars that run on unleaded petrol with the price about 3 pence a litre cheaper due to slightly less tax. after a couple of years the price crept up to the same as 4 star.then they encouraged people to buy diesels with slightly less tax, now 4 star has been all but phased out and diesel fuel is dearer than unleaded in most garages.I wont be surprised if they start turning their attention to LPG or put 100% vat on cooking oil.You'v hit the nail on the head pierre.
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Posted - 11/07/2007 :  22:06:15 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Welsh bio-diesel firm helped fuel eco-concert
Jul 11 2007 by David Williamson, Western Mail

A TREDEGAR-BASED company which makes bio-diesel from cooking oil helped light up last weekend’s Live Earth music extravaganza.

Bio Tech Oils UK powered the sound and lighting for the concert featuring Madonna, Genesis and Duran Duran, organised by former US Vice-President Al Gore.
The company has pioneered the transformation of used cooking oil from takeaways and local restaurants into a high-quality bio-diesel road fuel.
Last Saturday 15,000 litres of its bio-diesel was used to power the Wembley Stadium concert.
Bio Tech Oils UK was among the first companies to bring bio-diesel to Wales on a commercial basis. The company has a growing customer base and predicts its production output will rise by 600% by next year.
A spokesman said, “Bio-diesel derived from used cooking oil is a sustainable, cleaner burning alternative to fossil-diesel. The benefits of using the greener fuel are reduced carbon emissions, smoother engine performance and lower costs.”
Steve Berrow, managing director, said, “We currently supply bio-diesel to haulage companies and fuel distributors across the UK, which they blend with fossil diesel. In 2008, a new contract with a large black cab firm in London will take our production from two million litres to 15 million litres per year.”
By the same date, new government legislation will be introduced to support the bio-diesel industry.
Mr Berrow said, “The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation is a form of carbon tax that will impose fines on the big fuel refiners that fail to include a set percentage of bio-diesel in their fossil fuel. This green tax is long overdue for our industry, which has many barriers to entry and higher taxes than other countries in the EU.”
Assistance from Newport & Gwent Enterprise helped the directors, Mr Berrow and Dr Andrew Price, set up the eco-friendly enterprise in 2006.
After supporting the firm through grant applications and research, Newport & Gwent Enterprise has continued to work closely with the directors to aid in the marketing of the bio-diesel.
Mr Berrow said the further growth of the industry faced serious challenges, including the refusal of engine manufacturers to allow the use of 100% bio-diesel under warranty, and the “heavy burden” of tax.
“Europe is leading the way in green fuel policies,” he said. “The German government banished tax on bio-diesel in 2000 and since then the production output has increased dramatically.
“If we want to see a reduction in carbon emissions, the Government needs to support bio-diesel. If we had zero tax on its product then, yes, this would be a more lucrative industry to be in, but overall the ultimate winner would be the planet.”

EDIT: Also in the news was a South Wales company which had designed a mechanical cows stomach to help study methane levels.
If they introduce a garlic extract to the feed, the methane level drops significantly.
However, whether this helps the planet.....

Edited by - aussiewelshman on 11/07/2007 22:15:02
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Posted - 12/07/2007 :  14:46:06 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
it'l stop vampires killing our cowes
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Posted - 12/07/2007 :  22:38:28 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
In regards to politicians and the greenhouse effect/global warming...its the usual -

"don't do as I do, do as I say"....
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 27/07/2007 :  08:12:38 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Do I need say anymore ?
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Posted - 09/02/2008 :  09:45:37 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
‘Big Gas Reserves’ In Wales' Coal Seams.
by Aled Blake, Western Mail.

WORK on extracting untapped methane gas from the coalfields of South Wales is under way – with enough reserves to last for decades.

Bridgend company UK Onshore Gas has identified locations between Port Talbot and Pencoed near Bridgend.
Millions of tonnes of gas is locked up in untapped coal seams across South Wales, which has only become economically viable to access in recent years.
According to figures from the Department of Trade and Industry, there are 13 trillion cubic feet of coalbed methane gas in South Wales, not all of which is economical to extract.
UK Onshore Gas has a licence to extract gas from South Wales, as well as locations in England. Its work at present is testing exactly how
much gas is locked in the coal seams and exactly how much is extractable.
Gerwyn Williams, chairman of UK Onshore Gas Group, which has a licence to explore more than 200 sq km of South Wales for methane, said there are “very substantial” amounts of gas in South Wales.
He revealed the company is looking to access millions of tonnes of methane gas, which it will initially look to supply to major industrial users, such as the Port Talbot steelworks, before pumping the rest of it into the national grid.
Mr Williams claimed the impact of the new reserves could have an effect on the price of people’s gas bills in Wales, as well as improving security of supply.
UK Onshore Gas is working with Australian energy company Eden Energy, an expert in the field, and US geosciences corporation Ticora, to unlock the vast supplies available.
He said, “We are looking at big, big reserves. Ticora are experts in modelling and measuring this type of gas, the company is the world leader in fact.
“Their people are over here working with us and they have set up a lab. As we take out coal from wells we are drilling into they will test it for the quantity of gas in each seam.”
The technology that has been developed in North America and Australia is widely used. In Queensland, Australia, around 30% of gas used is from coal seams while 10% of all gas in the US comes from that source.
Mr Williams said, “This is big. At the moment we have targeted end users for our gas, such as in Port Talbot and ultimately we envisage it going into the national gas supply.
“We have proved that there are very substantial amounts of gas in South Wales, we have proved those quantities and we have proved the permeability at which you can get that gas out.
“We have spent around £2m on this drilling and testing and the next stage will be a pilot production programme, which will need around £20m investment.”
Commercial production of the gas will not be intrusive, said Mr Williams, with much of the pipework being installed underground.
He also stressed that the areas where the methane mines are earmarked are well away from populated areas.
Mr Williams added, “There are definite benefits in this for the householders of South Wales from a cost point of view and a security of supply point of view.
“We are following a model of gas extraction used in Queensland.
“Only now in the last couple of years has technology improved to such an extent that we an afford to drill directionally into the coal seams.
“And along with technological changes, gas prices have gone up so it has become economical to do this.
“We have a 20km strip from Port Talbot to Pencoed along which we have identified our initial gas extraction. These are big gas bearing areas.
“We are working through everything step by step, however.
“The first stage has been to drill test holes and to report and then the second stage, which we are now moving towards, is the pilot production programme.
“In the future we will look at the possibility of bringing on board big gas or oil producers because it will be very big business.”
Mr Williams revealed that his company is also looking at the massive reserves of methane gas locked in disused coal mines in South Wales, however the technology to extract that efficiently is still in its early stages.
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Posted - 20/08/2008 :  09:24:50 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Biodiesel Producer Goes Into Administration.
Source - WalesOnLine

BIODIESEL producer Bio Tech Oils has ceased trading with the loss of seven jobs.

The Tredegar-based company which created biodiesel from waste vegetable oil was among the first companies to bring biodiesel to Wales on a commercial basis. The company also supplied fuel for the generators at the Live Earth concert in London.
By using waste vegetable oil as its main raw material, biodiesel is largely renewable, unlike existing fossil fuels. In addition, the use of what is ordinarily a waste product, which would otherwise be need to be disposed of in some other way, means that the use of biodiesel is beneficial to the environment.
The company was forced to go into administration with Tim Ball and Rod Weston of chartered accountants Mazars appointed joint administrators.
Mr Ball, business recovery partner in the Bristol office of Mazars is seeking a buyer for the business.
Mr Ball said: "It is very sad to see an independent company fail in this way and it is very much hoped that a buyer can be found for the benefit of its customer base and, of course, its creditors.
"Any interested parties willing to purchase all or part of the business should contact me as soon as possible. Recent increases in the price of raw materials have not helped the company."

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Posted - 27/02/2009 :  10:36:25 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Driving On Fish And Chip Oil
Source - News Wales

Cooking oil collected at Swansea's Civic Amenity sites is helping create locally produced green energy biodiesel.

A tonne of cooking oil will produce about 1,000 litres of biodiesel. More than a tonne - a record amount - arrived at the Council's civic amenity sites in January alone.
It has gone to the UK's first community-based biodiesel plant at Sundance Renewables in Ammanford to be recycled and keep green vehicles on the road.
Trish Flint, Recycling Team Leader for Swansea Council, said: "Creating biofuels like re-cycled cooking oil isn't new technology, it's been in use in Europe for a few of decades as well as other parts of the world.
"But now that people are more cost and environment-conscious, they're looking for ways to reduce their contribution to climate change and are considering biofuels.
"It's great news that local people are bringing record amounts of cooking oil in to us. A tonne of cooking oil will produce about 1,000 litres of biodiesel and that's displacing 1,000 litres of regular mineral diesel."
Turning waste cooking oil into biofuel delivers other benefits too because it's oil that's not poured down sinks and drains, which can block pipes, cause environmental damage and can be a risk to health if it accumulates.
And Jan Cliff of Sundance Renewables - a not-for-profit local co-operative - says biodiesel is 60% cleaner on the road than regular diesel and is even better for the environment when whole life cycle costs and the impact of getting it out of the ground is added on.
Biodiesel is cheaper than regular diesel which is why, in the wake of rising fuel costs, some people are turning to it. Another reason is that people want to support a local co-operative and do their bit to reduce their carbon footprints.
She added: "The diesel engine was originally invented to burn vegetable oil and even these days you don't have to modify your diesel engine or add a second fuel tank to your car to burn biodiesel.
"The biodiesel we produce from used cooking oil can go straight into the same tank as ordinary diesel."
She says the used vegetable oil from Swansea Council has to be refined and processed before it can be added to fuel tanks.
Jan said: "At the moment we're producing between 2,000 and 3,000 litres of biodiesel a week but we're planning to increase that tenfold with a new refinery in Tredegar that's being launched on March 2 to help us cope with demand.
"That's why the regular supplies we get from Swansea are so useful to a community organisation such as ours."
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Posted - 10/04/2009 :  13:40:36 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Worker Co-Op Takes Over Bio-Diesel Plant
Source - Co-Operative News

Sundance Renewables, a Camarthenshire-based worker co-operative, is celebrating after taking over a bio-diesel production plant in Tredegar, South Wales.

The factory was previously a privately owned bio-diesel production plant, but management difficulties and the unpredictable regulation of the bio-fuels market led to its closure last year.
Now the worker co-operative — the UK’s longest established bio-diesel manufacturer — has taken on the plant and is confident it can make it profitable and sustainable.
Jan Cliff, a founder and director of the co-op, said that because Sundance is a community-based, ethical business that uses recycled vegetable oil to manufacture bio-diesel, it has strong local support and enjoys a market advantage that many other businesses operating in this sector do not.
She said: “We find that many of our customers don’t want the tokenistic five per cent blends available on some forecourts, but prefer to buy 100 per cent recycled biodiesel.
“They are finding it no more expensive — in fact, some report savings as their car runs more efficiently. We have to follow the market, but our customers’ willingness to support our co-operative business model gives us the edge.”
The new plant will soon be fully operational again and Sundance, which is a member of Co-operatives UK, will build on existing collection rounds for used oil in the area to source the quantities needed for the much larger plant. The co-op already supplies Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the National Trust and the Forestry Commission, as well as many individuals, businesses and community bio-diesel filling stations in South Wales. The new plant will enable Sundance to produce 40 tonnes of bio-diesel per week.
Sundance was able to finance the purchase of the new factory with the help of Good Fuel, a UK-wide co-operative of bio-diesel manufacturers and suppliers, which recently undertook a share issue to raise finance for ventures that bring bio-diesel into the mainstream diesel market. It has raised £40,000 so far, £28,000 of which has been invested in Sundance’s new venture.

• Visit: for further details on the co-operative.
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Posted - 18/06/2009 :  13:23:31 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Global Warming - the truth will out.

Exaggeration also wears out the public's willingness to tackle global warming. If the planet is doomed, people wonder, why do anything? A record 54% of American voters now believe the news media make global warming appear worse than it really is. A majority of people now believe – incorrectly – that global warming is not even caused by humans. In the United Kingdom, 40% believe that global warming is exaggerated and 60% doubt that it is man-made.

Even the Guardian's coming on-side.

I'd believe Man Made Global Warming IF:

1. It wasn't for the fact that over the last 10 years the world has cooled off
2. Humans could predict the temperature accurately tomorrow let alone 50 yrs into the futre.
3. The climate varies naturally and separating the man made element and the natural variation could be scientifically proven
4. The climate scientists on the IPCC weren't in the pockets of the government who are 100% behind the science in the name of tax revenues.
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