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Posted - 14/11/2020 :  11:25:17 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Breaking News - Gorilla Rescues Rabbit

I admire the talent on BBC's Repair Shop, it's not a skill I find easy to do
They take old cherished family heirlooms.... restore them tastefully back to new

I remember Gladys' posh ceramic rabbit.... when flicking a yellow duster I hit him off our window sill
He wasn't a cheap one either.... my eyes were on stalks when she swiped Barclaycard at the till!

I scooped him up very swiftly to hide him.....knowing full well Glad would not be at all amused
I quickly gave him the once over... Oh My Days he did look a bit battered & bruised

Gorilla glue to the rescue.....on went his ears and feet
Put him back behind a potted plant.... chuffed that he looked pretty neat

But to my horror & disappointment I have to do all the dusting from now on
As looking closely with my spectacles. .... I put his Bleeping ears on completely wrong
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Posted - 14/11/2020 :  11:51:59 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Look at all our Tredegar taxi's...parked up neatly in a row
Taking all our Tredegar shoppers....wherever they want to go

Where would we be without them...they're out whether it be sunshine or snow
Nipping quickly here & there...busy back and fore

A Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for being there for us
It's good to have an alternative when you don't want to take your full shop on the bus
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Posted - 14/11/2020 :  13:30:17 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


I'm waiting in for a parcel ..... I'm listening & watching intently for the delivery van
I've recently bought a circulation gadget that was advertised by ex cricketer - Sir Ian Botham

We saw it on the telly......when Ian was sat on his plush settee
I'm hoping it will cure my aches & pains while I enjoy a brew of tea

It seems strange to see Sir Botham giving a sales pitch to the young and old
I wonder if he's on commission too on how many he actually gets sold

I will let you know in due course if I find this gadget any good
Proof will be in the pudding mind... If you see me in tight lycra jogging to Blackwood
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Posted - 14/11/2020 :  15:39:52 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Croeso i Gymru I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here

I hope they've got an energetic Welsh border collie... to round up all those escaping creepy crawlies on ITV
Don't fancy going to sleep in Abergele with those cockroaches and arachnids crawling all over me

It's a bit different from being in Australia where a snake might slither, sneakily into bed with you
Instead teeth will be chattering and possibly their extremities might turn a shade of blue

It's great to see Wales promoted though and back on the tourist map
For that purpose brave contestants we will give you a well deserved clap!

Maybe if we see you struggling we will try and smuggle you something comforting in
Maybe some delicious hot chocolate.... you can warm it up in the popty ping

Good Luck!

Edited by - billbaily on 14/11/2020 15:41:58
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Posted - 15/11/2020 :  13:18:47 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Bruce The Spruce Enjoys A Spruce Up

Browsing through the papers today noticed lots of adverts for Christmas trees
Rainbow striped, white, black & pink what eclectic varieties

Got thinking of ours, it's been part of the family for the last 20 years plus
It's certainly had a good innings and held lots of special, happy memories for us

I'm off into the attic now to look for our decorations and Bruce The Spruce - our Christmas tree
decided I'm going to pop him in the bath with a dollop of Glads luxurious moisture rich Tresemme

In goes the tree, a few needles are now floating and falling off
The Mrs. comes to see what's happening and says, "Are you having a laugh"

I was going to do it in the summer time not on a rainy day like this
but it's Christmas town light switch on soon and that date I don't want to miss

We love to see the grand children's faces when they call in to see our over decorated vintage tree
The look of wonder and excitement truly warms the hearts of Gladys & me

Important tip
When emptying the bath put a plug hole strainer in to catch all the loose needles or you will be needing a plumber!

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Super Member

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Posted - 16/11/2020 :  12:12:15 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Big Bird - Not To Be Taken Lightly

Be careful with that Christmas turkey, you may just inadvertently just strain your back
I wouldn't want the same thing to happen to you folks as what happened to my best butty Jack

His Mrs had been cooking all Christmas morning - guests were arriving for a slap up meal at two
Poised with his protective oven gloves on ready, he only had one important job to do

The oven door was opened and a mouth watering, delicious aroma filled the air
But the bleeping turkey was way, way too heavy - put his back out - spent the rest of Christmas in his chair.

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Posted - 16/11/2020 :  13:30:59 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

L'Homme Francais Oignon

Anyone remember the onion man, he came from France along with his peddle bike
Handlebars overloaded with onion strings - it really was a fascinating sight

He always came to our street near Christmas time, knocking all of our doors one by one
Very often came in for a cup of tea, so as kids listening to him trying to speak English was always such fun

We always had a tiny French Christmas card, a lovely gesture is what we all thought
It probably helped the onion man though for all the plaited strings that we bought

Nowadays we just pop up to Lidl's - pick up our onions one bag or two
but it's lovely to have such memories as kids, because they really do stay with you

Joyeux Noel Mes Amis

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Super Member

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Posted - 23/11/2020 :  11:31:04 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Bills Winter Walk reveals A Green & White Man

On goes my favourite duffle coat and a wooly, welsh rugby scarf hugged warmly around my neck
We've all decided to stretch our legs and go on a local evening trek

Bill our dog is now jumping up & down - excited as can be
Always first at the door when there's a chance of going out with Glad & me

We stroll around the rows of terraces and my oh my what an uplifting sight we see
Houses upon houses are beautifully lit up with a decorated Christmas tree

Gladys comments how lovely the roof top icicles are, in their neat and regimental line
she also loved the decorated home in Rawlinson and said it was a really stunning, classy design

In Glyn Terrace Bill started growling at the Christmas Grinch staring out of a front window at all of us (Great fun)
had to give him a reassuring pat on the head to stop him making such a loud, noisy fuss

Pochin Crescent looked just lovely, complete with snowman and icicles shining bright
Really looked quite eye catching in the inky darkness of the night

We'd like to take this opportunity & say thank you for making our walk a real pleasure tonight - it really made us smile
and to say we really did appreciate you all for going that extra Christmas mile

Parents - Lovely family activity is to get a torch and a bag of pick a mix for your children and go for an evening walk to let them see everyone's Christmas decorations, they will love it.

Can't see there being our usual town Christmas light switch on gathering in the circle this year so this will be a fun alternative for them. Also for the rest of us to see you all passing with your torches will be heart warming for us too.

Come on residents get those decorations up for all our Tredegar kids to see!
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Posted - 25/11/2020 :  20:06:28 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Making Happy Memories with your children

Well Bedwellty Pits looked picturesque tonight with the soft glow of street lighting along the row
and the myriad of stars up in the heavens were just amazing - they really put on a spectacular show

Walking past Bedwellty Gardens their Christmas outdoor lights looked captivating too
and do take a stroll past Southend because a magical sight is waiting there just for you

Kids get your family off their comfy TV sofa's & chair
go on an adventure and discover the delights waiting for you out there

It's important to make many happy memories - I remember doing so with my own dad
I promise you in later life it's something of which you will be very glad

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Posted - 09/12/2020 :  19:36:31 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Nadolig Llawen A Blwyddyn Newydd Dda - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Remember to still take good care of your families & all those you hold dear

Cheers all here's wishing you all good health for 2021

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Advanced Member

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Posted - 11/12/2020 :  20:39:42 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Merry Christmas and new year to you too Billbaily.Get the quizzes ready for after Christmas it looks as if we are going to need them.
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Posted - 12/12/2020 :  10:26:32 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Thanks Shelley

That depends on how many eggnogs are consumed!

Maybe the New Year Quiz Challenge requested by ShelleyW can be taken up by some of the 7402? members we have on the Tredegar Forum. It would be great to have other contributions too, make it have lots of variety and keep it interesting. Come on folks get your thinking caps on!
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Posted - 13/12/2020 :  12:49:38 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Hurry up Albert we don't want to miss the 9.05am bus to town says Doris. Albert adjusts his Dai cap in the hallway mirror and checks the contents of his wallet, he has 49.50 in it and Doris has 160.27 in her purse.
They board the bus Albert pays the fare 1.30 each and they get off the bus in the circle. Without his knowledge Albert loses 5 from his wallet as he steps off the bus. In the newly renovated pub opposite they have reserved a table for six for their 60th anniversary in a months time and they have to place a 5 deposit for each person with the manager.
After leaving the pub they part company Doris is having a perm in the hairdressers which costs 12.60 and she always leave a 1 tip as well. Albert waits for her in the pub where he has a pint at 1.85 whilst chatting to his best butty Edgar who informs him that they won the tote the night before 10.70 of which Albert has a 50% share, he hands him his winnings.
Doris & Albert meet up and make their way to the bank where they pay the gas bill 35.47, Telephone bill 28.52 and withdraw 220.00 in cash they also donate 2.50 to the book charity in the corner.
Albert fancies some meat from the butchers so they buy 6 sausages @ 30p each, 3 packs of lamb chops @1.35 a pack and a tub of vindaloo curry paste 2.29.
In the Post Office they post an air mail letter 1.70, buy 5 stamps @ 96p each and post a parcel 3.90
They call in the pet shop and buy 2 kilos of bird seed @ 1.85 per kilo to fill the bird feeders up for the winter.
Across the road they call in the newsagents Albert buys a paper 1.20 a lottery ticket for 2, He hands over a previous lottery ticket on which he has won 10 and the newsagent gives him the remaining change from this
Outside they see their two grandchildren Janet & John and they give them 1 each to spend in town.
In the greetings card shop they purchase 9 cards which are on offer at 3 for 1.30 - a bargain!
In Greggs they spend 5.32 Albert makes sure Doris has included his favourite donuts.
In the Chemist Albert buys some shaving cream 2.19 and some plasters for 1.75 (Always cuts himself shaving)
Through the shopping centre they stroll making their way over to Home Bargains where they spend 27.40 even though they only went in for ONE THING!
Outside they meet a lady collecting for charity and donate 1.30 in her collection tin
Time to go home now so they arrive at the bus stop to find they have missed their bus home and so Maud & Gladys offer to share their taxi with them. The total taxi fare is 3.50 of which they pay half to cover the cost.
Albert puts the kettle on when they arrive home and they sit down to have a brew of welsh tea and a donut 3hrs 35mins after they caught the bus this morning. What a busy day they've had!

1. How much money did they have in their wallet and purse (added
together) when they arrived home

2. What time did they sit down for a cup of tea/cake

Good luck!
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Posted - 20/12/2020 :  12:35:05 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Third Lockdown - Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go

Where can we go, what can we do
Boy is this fast spreading, mutated strain of Coronavirus having an effect on me and you

Come on everybody....I know it's a right bleeping pain!
but we will get through this eventually & have some normality again

Well today my project is to try & construct a delivered package that contains our grandchild's Christmas bike
Any dinosaurs (joking) out there remember we used to call them under a different name - trike

Also I have been encouraged by Doris to 'SORT MY CORNER' out, it's clogged up with lots of newspapers, books and magazines
she says it's starting to resemble that Italian Pisa Tower you know the one that precariously leans

After dinner it's tidy up the garden...if this rain eventually stops pouring from our grey & murky skies
then finish it off with a frothy mug of Kenco and yes one of my delicious Lidl's mince pies

Think I'll have a bath later on...pour in Doris' present.. a special bubble lotion from Ethel who lives in Ebbw Vale
Not particular about what toiletries I use even though I am most definitely male

I remember back in the summer time I slapped on a big dollop of her gravy coloured tanning cream
when Doris saw me an hour or two later...her face was a scary picture and she let out a very weird, shrieky scream

In a very odd voice she spouted, I think you've overdone it Trev.. you cannot go out up Tredegar town like that with me
Do you know for days my bleeeeeping back was aching as she wouldn't let me sit down on our new cream fabric settee!

What I'd like to say to you all is try and stay positive - I know at these times it's so very hard to do
Try and keep yourselves busy, it helps me and it might just help you too
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 20/12/2020 :  12:57:31 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Did this in a rush but did they have 259.23 and assuming the bus was on time did they sit down at 12.40pm?
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Posted - 20/12/2020 :  13:34:02 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Hi Ddraig, My figure is not far off yours - if I've worked it out right? I maybe a little off course myself! LOL. I will put my answer on New Years day at 8pm just in case someone else wants a pop at it too in the meantime. Perhaps if there are any budding mathematicians out there they can help out too! Have a go it's just a bit of fun to while away the time for us.

Also Ddraig my time was the same as yours so a pat on the back is deserved for that.
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Posted - 20/12/2020 :  14:39:01 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The revised answer is 254.53 (took a little more time)
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Posted - 20/12/2020 :  15:11:22 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

254.53 Same answer I came too so hopefully we are both correct!

Well done
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Posted - 11/01/2021 :  20:08:33 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Dancing On Ice

Well I don't like the snow & I definitely don't like the ice
As the other day I ended up sprawled horizontal on the ground twice

One leg went north and one leg went south
Can't print on here what words came out of my mouth

Doris got my special cushion out.... to rest my poor bruised bits and bobs
Told her I'll be out of action now for her long list of upcoming household jobs

I'm walking like John Wayne now.... actually I think I'm looking pretty cool
but I'm quickly brought back down to earth when she says I look a bleeping fool

Be careful folks on where you tread.... and don't wear slippery shiny shoes
because like me you will soon discover... some really interesting Strictly dancing moves
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Posted - 13/01/2021 :  15:36:05 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Dydd Santes Dwynwen - 25th January

Romance is in the air....we both saw the message on a red balloon up town yesterday
Bespoke Cake Lounges window says 'LOVE' is definitely coming our way

Doris is getting excited.... she says she will cook us a lovely 3 course romantic meal
I got a feeling soon we'll be driving to Tesco Ebbw Vale as it's going to be a Valentines meal deal

Got thinking about my butty George he bought an expensive padded boxed card for his girlfriend in 1964
and told Ethel to keep it safe as he wasn't going in a shop to buy anymore

Their love has stood the test of time and every year on the tiled mantelpiece sits their pride and joy
Its a bit tattered and torn now but still they treasure it... as it was written when they were a young teenage girl and boy

Flipping heck I don't think the card shops are open, I should have adopted Georges idea. Thank goodness for Ebay!
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Posted - 17/01/2021 :  14:29:53 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

What A Whoppa

Viewed some fabulous photos by CAE on Tredegar Forum earlier this week
so I took a little stroll up to our 26 acre park to give myself a real treat

Passed by a few families with their children happily running around
Hopping and jumping into crunchy leaves there lying upon the ground

That brought back a lot of special memories too, it's definitely a very uplifting place to be
and maybe when you visit next, go and check out the height of that one particular conifer tree
(situated at the side of the duck pond/Stable Lane side. The top of it can be seen in one of CAE's photos - in the band stand photo)

Come on photographers take a photo and put it on here for everyone to see

Anyone know exactly how tall it is and how old? I'd love to know!
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Posted - 17/01/2021 :  16:26:40 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

small talk is much BIGGER than you think

Do you know someone who would appreciate a call and friendly chat
as they could be feeling so isolated and would very much appreciate just that

We all need a bit of reassurance that everything is going to be ok
Don't be tempted to put it off and say I'll do it another day

The daylight hours are short and the evenings are very long
but looking after each other... really helps us to stay mentally strong
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Posted - 18/01/2021 :  14:49:37 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


Gazing out of the rainy bus window.... on my journey home earlier today
looking at the misty hillsides..... just over the way

Remembering us as kids.... scrambling up them carrying your mams best tin serving tray (without her knowledge)
and sliding & racing down the hill... laughing and screaming... but also praying that you made it safely down ok

Then we'd all follow the hillside sheep path trails.... like a helter skelter twisting around and around
This was the result of generations of their hooves.... treading and pounding the coarse ground

Later... off to the corner shop with 3d to spend on rainbow sherbet in a white paper bag
Looking back on our childhood now... what wonderful outdoor times we had

Rounders & football..... always played out in the fresh air
Out for hours and hours......without any worries or cares


I get off the bus and search my pockets for the keys to my front door
Thinking what a treat it was today just to see passersby and simply say "Hello"

Also a big THANKYOU to the cashiers in both Poundland & Savers for their friendly customer service - Just great!
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Posted - 19/01/2021 :  16:02:25 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Dentist Appointment Urgently Required

Thought I saw THE BEAST OF BODMIN MOOR when I peeped through the curtains late last night
Quickly called for Gladys to take a it really gave me an awful fright

She told me to put my prescription glasses it was only next doors overweight black cat
Gordon Bennett, I didn't think he was that lockdown he's certainly got very fat

I watched him slowly stride across the lawn....where he began to stalk a little bird.....oooooo... that made me bang the window and loudly shout
It was then in all that crazy commotion.... my brand new dentures... came flying 100 m.p.h. out
There scattered into minuscule, teeny tiny pieces.... lay my shattered pearly whites on the tiled kitchen floor
I tell you something for nothing folks.....I WON'T BE LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW AGAIN.... FOR THAT FELINE ANYMORE!

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Posted - 20/01/2021 :  13:25:13 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Gosh it's raining so heavily here today... bit bored so I thought I might
scour like a detective on that well known, famous, colossal auction site

Gordon Bennett did it make me stop in my tracks and stare
what very weird items some folks are really selling on there

Here we go!

Used pair of shoe laces 30
Brown fur coat hood (missing buttons) 300
Pair of trainers (left feet only)
Broken plastic clothes airer 150
1 Used sugar sweetners 50
Broken plastic washing basket 55
Very well worn slippers (filthy) 29.99
Used Holey jumper
Small bottle of water 30
Used mug 45
Pair of used trainers (holes all in soles) 10
temporary crowns (for teeth)

Thought to myself that's really, really quite odd - couldn't believe my eyes
so I closed the lid promptly...made my way to the kitchen for a nice cup of tea and Bramley apple pies

Edited by - billbaily on 20/01/2021 13:27:52
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