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 Not going out community poem
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Posted - 18/02/2022 :  13:48:53 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Candles On Standby

Well Wikipedia states that Eunice means SHE CONQUERS and boy is she living up to her powerful name
We were warned to be vigilant and make preparations before this storm came

I don't know how many times I've looked through the rainy windows checking if my fences are staying bolt upright
I think we are in for a few hours of this... I hope it calms down before tonight

I don't think Gladys will be hanging out her washing... think it would probably end up in faraway Timbuctoo
Batten down the hatches folks and fingers crossed... the electricity stays on for me and you.
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Posted - 03/04/2022 :  20:38:07 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


Cwtch up in your throws & blankets folks and bring that hot soup out
Don't even think about putting the heating on.... is what I hear Doris loudly shout

Thank the Lord for Money Savings Expert, Martin Lewis.... to give us advice about all of this
whenever he's on the television.... that's a programme you do not want to miss

He definitely is the peoples champion.... trying to guide and help us save our hard earned cash
but it's so bleeping chilly here..... Brrr I'm seriously thinking of regrowing my 1960's beard and moustache.

On a lighter note

I've just read that the longest moustache is an amazing 14 foot - my goodness what a length
and the heaviest weight a beard has lifted.... is over 63 kilos what an incredible strength.

Just Google weird beards there's some very creative people out there
some are such a work of art - you cannot help but stare


On the British Heart Foundation it says
Wrap up warm
close doors
don't use alcohol to keep warm - draws heat from your vital organs
check that your heating works well
have warming drinks and food
stay active
if you can't heat all the rooms, heat the living room in the day and the bedroom just before you go to sleep. Use a hot water bottle
check what support you can get visit or ring 03459 15 15 15 to see if your eligible
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Posted - 08/05/2022 :  18:29:33 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Watch Out Watch Out.... Seagulls About

Took a trip to the seaside the other Saturday.... just wanted to be near that deep blue sea
There's something about those rolling waves that definitely appeals to me

Had a leisurely stroll across the busy promenade with a creamy, vanilla ice cream in my right hand
Also made sure those pesky seagulls didn't deposit a present onto my head and land

Called into Finnegan's at lunchtime for delicious fish and chips..... a real favourite of mine
A well run business if you ask me.... I've found it to be excellent each time

Everyone seems to be uplifted... it felt good to be out in the fresh salty air that day
Think a lot of folk have been looking forward to this..... the first 2022 bank holiday

Apparently the health benefits from living or being near the beach are

Better Mental Health
Reduces stress
Promotes physical activity
Better physical health
Improves social interactions
Improves sleep quality
Hay fever sufferers may benefit from gusts of sea air too

Grab those buckets & spades and get yourselves off to the seaside!

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Posted - 31/05/2022 :  09:45:07 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


Doris and I are popping up to Lidl.... going to buy an extra special bottle of fizz
We're both looking forward to the weekend to pop that cork and say cheers to our dear Liz

Doris is going to watch the celebrations and wave her Union Jack back and fore
An extra days holiday....for some they'd wish it was more

I say let's also raise a glass to the workers who do not get a day off to celebrate
Just to say thanks to all those who keep us safe... it's something we really do appreciate.

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Posted - 10/06/2022 :  18:38:51 Link directly to this reply  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

After potting up a few trays of geranium plants... I decided to put my feet up and relax in my garden chair
and I settled down to listen to the Jubilee activities... going on in the local primary school over there

The children sounded so, so happy... excitement was definitely in the air
as a very special guest was singing.....Trinity Leigh Cooper..... you know the voice singer with cool pink hair

What euphonious vocals she has... and I particularly loved the song, This Is Me
so I decided to stay in my garden......enjoy the entertainment with my well earned cuppa tea

If anyone is reading this poem.....and looking for acts to compliment their upcoming show
I'd definitely book this talented young lady with an incredible voice
and remember it's Tredegar that told you so
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