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Icommunity on www.Tredegar.uk is a place where you can have your own web-site hosted for free . You must live in Tredegar, or got a business based in Tredegar to apply.

If your application is successful. you will get the following:-

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ICommunity Directory Listing

Personal Sites    
Ashnet www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/ashnet Home Of Ashley
Pierre www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/pierre Home Site of Pierre
Bath-in-a-field www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/bath-in-a-field Well, its a bath in a field.....
SPPPHOTOGRAPHY www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/sppphotography Excellent new photographic website on Tredegar
Starlight Parade !  www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/starlight Welcome to the website celebration the "Starlight Parade" shows of years gone by!
Traffic Issues at Byrn-Bach School http://www.tredegar.co.uk/trafficatbrynbachschool/  See the HGV issues outside a Tredegar School, and what actions has been taken !


Business/Club Sites  
Tredegar Bowls Club www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/bowls
Barbers Bench @ Headleys www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/barbers-bench
Tech-Board - Failure from Hell ! www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/tech-board
Tredegar Corp Of  Drums  www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/drum
Little Theatre  www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/LittleTheatre          
Tredegar Orpheus Male Voice Choir www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/orpheus and at http://www.tredegar-orpheus.co.uk/ 
Byrn-Bach Running Club http://www.tredegar.co.uk/bryn-bach-running-club/
Tredegar Amateur Boxing Club http://www.tredegar.co.uk/tredegar-amateur-boxing-club/
Blaenau-Gwent Heritage Forum http://www.tredegar.co.uk/icommunity/Heritage/  and www.headsofvalleysheritage.co.uk


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